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Schools & Municipalities
Are You One of Our Over 90 School & Municipal Clients?
Mosse & Mosse currently offers in-depth Health & Welfare consulting services to over 90 school and municipal organizations throughout Massachusetts and New England. These organizations include private and public schools, regional school districts, vocational-technical schools, educational collaboratives, cities and towns, many of which have trusted our firm for over 10 years to help meet their employee benefit programs needs.
Our school and municipal employee benefits areas of expertise include:
  • TRUE Group Long Term Disability Programs
  • Fully Insured and Self-Funded Health Insurance Programs
  • Basic and Voluntary Life and AD&D Programs
  • Dental Plans
We Know Your Industry
Our knowledgeable and professional consultants are dedicated to building long-term relationships through providing unparalleled quality service to our clients and their employees. We want our customers to view our firm as simply an extension of their own organization. In addition to our technical qualifications, our firm prides itself on being actively involved in organizations representing the industries we serve. 

Long Term Disability

Looking for Long Term Disability Solutions in New England?

TRUE Group Long Term Disability

Our firm develops TRUE Group Long Term Disability (LTD) programs specifically tailored and designed for public school and municipal employees. With over 10,000 school and municipal staff enrolled in our LTD programs throughout Massachusetts and New England, we feel confident that our plans offer some of the most comprehensive policy provisions and costs in the marketplace. And our unparalleled client retention rate and company growth ​shows that our solutions are working.

Why TRUE Disability?

Comprehensive Plan Provision Options and Competitive Pricing
Our TRUE group program can provide enhanced policy provision options for our school groups including:
  • Extended Own Occupation Protection Language
  • Cost of Living Adjustments
  • Waivers of Pre-existing Condition Clauses
  • Much more competitive pricing compared to worksite or individual products

Contract Flexibility

Our school and municipal groups have the flexibility to tailor a program that best fits their needs and budgets
  • Various elimination period options
  • Definition of disability choices
  • Cost of Living Adjustments options.

Greater Number of Employees Covered

The TRUE group model is predicated on employee participation and our firm has been successful in obtaining the required participation level in every one of our organizations. With higher participation comes peace of mind that more employees have the appropriate long-term protection they need.

Client Testimonials

  1. “I am most pleased to offer my praise and sincere appreciation to Mosse Services for their outstanding long-term disability program for our employees.  In our continued efforts to offer our employees an exemplary benefit program Mosse & Mosse was able to provide a plan that increased coverage, reduced waiting periods and provided a more liberal pre-existing condition clause.  An employee had recently confided in me that the support she had received from this program had effectively saved her life.  Stating, “If I hadn’t had disability insurance, I would have lost my home and would have been unable to pay our medical bills.”  The added benefit of knowing that she was protected reduced the level of stress and anxiety in her life and allowed her to concentrate on the critical aspect of healing and recovery.”

    Sean Gilrein, Superintendent of Schools, Dudley-Charlton Regional

  2. “Brian Fitzgerald has worked with the Narragansett Regional School District for almost a decade. His efforts have made our employee benefits package significantly better for our employees and so much easier to manage from a Human Resources standpoint. It is a great comfort to know that Brian and  Mosse Services are working on our behalf.” 

    Kathleen Wylie, Benefits Manager and Treasurer, Narragansett Regional School District

  3. “As a teacher who unfortunately became disabled, I have been extraordinarily grateful that my school system worked with Brian Fitzgerald and Mosse Services to develop a strong disability insurance program.
    Whenever I needed help, Brian and his company were there for me every step of the way.” 

    Virginia Watkins, Teacher, Brookline Public Schools

  4. “Brian Fitzgerald is one of the most superb consultants I have had the pleasure to work with.  He is professional, reliable and dependable and is always there when we need him. Our school is very fortunate to have Brian and Mosse Services working on our behalf.”

    Melanie Hagman, Business Manager, Shawsheen Valley Technical High School